Alexander Hamilton Impersonator Tribute


Alexander Hamilton Impersonator Tribute

"Alexander Hamilton" meets with tour groups and discusses his part in the epic  Battle of Yorktown, the battle that won the American Revolutionary War.

At ONS Congress (Oncology Nursing Society) trade show and conference in the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC

(Photo taken with lady guest during event at Anheiser Busch's King's Mill Resort, Colonial Williamsburg, VA)

With the popularity of the "Hamilton" Broadway play, this iconic American founding father is very topical as a "special guest" for your corporate schmoozes and entertaining! Alexander Hamilton was a most illustrious member of George Washington's Continental Army, achieving the rank of Leiutenant Colonel. 

He then added to our US history and his personal glory by being a signer of our US Constitution. His political power grew as he became our young nation's very first treasurer, and we honor him on our US Ten Dollar Bill...(take a look at your $10 bill and see why Tim Beasley fits this "bill" to a Tee!)

As a national variety entertainer, Tim Beasley has enjoyed many roles in his 32-year career, and "Alexander Hamilton" just happens to be one of his more unique roles in those 3 decades of the very best parties and themed events.

Being an Emcee all those years as well, Tim as "Alexander Hamilton" can conduct the fun of prize drawings, and awards, too, as "big Al" was our nation's first treasurer!

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