Murder Mystery Games


Vegas Tributes Murder Mystery Games!

"Music, Martinis and...Murder!!!" TM

 Unique Superstars Crime-Solvers for your "Murderous Fun!"

Copyright  Tim Beasley

Your "Star Detective" for your "Music, Martinis and...Murder!!!"  fun is national variety musical tribute entertainer-actor Tim Beasley. As you'll see further in this presentation he becomes the "superstars" of your choice! He's performed for over 32+ years, beginning in many of the original popular "Murder Mystery Weekends" in the 1980's at resorts and hotels. It was here he excelled at "improv" with the many guests who came to enjoy this interactive party fun.

With a custom-written script for each event, Tim performs as "the Superstar Detective" from TV's murder mystery classics "Columbo" and also "Diagnosis: Murder!" in your choice of "Lt. Columbo" famously portrayed by Peter Falk, or "Dr. Mark Sloan" as performed by Dick Van Dyke, in the extremely popular TV "who-dun-its." Tim will actually do this all in an amazing  "one man" fashion, as in his plots, everyone, yes, we do mean everyone in attendance is a suspect! For a spoiler-alert, call 757-589-0903 and we'll explain how he is both the "Star Victim" and the "Star Detective!!!" Or, since you're sharp, you'll easily understand this set-up!...