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Vegas Tributes Murder Mystery Games!

"Music, Martinis and...Murder!!!" TM

 Unique Superstar Crime-Solvers for your "Murderous Fun!"

Copyright  Tim Beasley

Your "Star Detective" for your "Music, Martinis and...Murder!!!"  fun is national variety musical tribute entertainer-actor Tim Beasley. As you'll see further in this presentation he becomes the "superstars" of your choice! He's performed for over 32+ years, beginning in many of the original popular "Murder Mystery Weekends" in the 1980's at resorts and hotels. It was here he excelled at "improv" with the many guests who came to enjoy this interactive party fun.

With a custom-written script for each event, Tim performs as "the Superstar Detective" from TV's murder mystery classics "Columbo" and also "Diagnosis: Murder!" in your choice of "Lt. Columbo" famously portrayed by Peter Falk, or "Dr. Mark Sloan" as performed by Dick Van Dyke, in the extremely popular TV "who-dun-its." Tim will actually do this all in an amazing  "one man" fashion, as in his plots, everyone, yes, we do mean everyone in attendance is a suspect! For a spoiler-alert, call 757-589-0903 and we'll explain how he is both the "Star Victim" and the "Star Detective!!!" Or, since you're sharp, you'll easily understand this set-up!...

Here's a typical scenario, combining Tim's impersonations. First, as an example, Tim meets the guests in character as they arrive, and then performs for the party in full Las Vegas-style musical tribute as your special guest "Frank Sinatra" (or your choice from his variety of others including "Rod Stewart, Elvis, Tom Jones, Willie Nelson" and more!).

Before this unique concert, your "musical star" of choice "schmoozes" with the guests as they arrive ala "Meet & Greet" and during this time "Frank" (or other stars of choice) will "plant" all manner of "red herrings" throughout the crowd. This is accomplished by comments such as "Hey! Haven't seen you since Vegas, baby!!!" and other such personal quips. The guests love this and 'play along' for laughs from their friends and in this time, the music star gets to know some by name and other personal attributes such as who plays golf, travels a lot, etc...!

This is a very lively  and fun show, starting off with a real crowd-pleasing "party favor extra" of a live Las Vegas musical tribute performance, and "clues" to the future "MURDER" come out during their performance!  (For the Christmas - New Years party season, your musical superstar will dazzle with the great Christmas party song classics!)

One of the real attention getters is when your musical superstar invites 3 or 4 lady guests to join him on stage as his honorary "Las Vegas showgirls" and he has brought some beautiful feathered head-dresses and boas to "glam" them up, and they do a fun little line dance as the crowd loves this and the cameras come out to capture the fun,...and some possible clues, too!!! Throughout their show, some suspicious interruptions will also "pepper" the possibilities. After a grand floor show and a rousing song performance of their last big show-stopper hit, your "Star Victim" suddenly lets out a horrifying death moan, clutches at their throat  and screams, "I feel like I'm going to die!!!" as they bolt out of the room!  ...and now, the game as they say, "is on!"


As the "Star Victim" shocks everyone with this sudden development, the audience will  sit for just a moment in silent surprise until they all let out their breath with a good laugh! Was it the cocktail that the waitress brough him from a "secret admirer?" Or possibly the note he received was written by a real "poisoned pen?" Dead!  So as not bring a lull over the party, as guests laugh off him getting killed, some fun appropriate music plays, such as "Mack The Knife," "Hurts So Good," Hit Me With Your Best Shot" and similar "killer tunes."  This gives Tim the time to transform into your "Celebrity Detective!"

It is announced that the Star's body has been taken to the "cooler" when suddenly the theme music to TV show "Columbo"  begins to play as the lovable frumpled LA homicide detective "Columbo" does indeed arrive to investigate...He was outside just talking to the matre'd about having an anniversary there, when he saw as the Star's body being loaded and discovered the Star didn't just die...he was...MURDERED!!!

Or, the good "Dr. Mark Sloan" was running late as a special guest being he loves a great party, and just happens to arrive "after the murder!"

The game is on for sure, now, and the plot thickens!!! Was it one of the the "showgirls"?...OR was this murder by a jealous boyfriend or husband? Or perhaps the car the Star had mentioned he ran into in the parking lot enraged the owner (funny spec as the Star mentions it's a Mercedes, surely several of which are owned by guests!) Or was it a jilted fan, oh yeah, the audience will delight in pointing fingers at their friends!!!!

There's literally hundreds of different fun combinations of "Star Victim" and "Star Detective," with your choices from our Vegas "Stars List" on this web site's homepage header above! You tell us who you want murdered, and who you want to investigate it!


Have a "Diagnosis: Murder" party with "Dr. Mark Sloan" getting his tux all mussed in a Hollywood-style "who-dun-it!"


"Diagnosis: Murder" played from 1993 to 2001 with 178 episodes!!! This is a CBS TV classic, and yes, the perfect crime was always dissolved and solved by the resolve of the good "Dr. Sloan."


 Complete in the looks of iconic TV actor Dick Van Dyke, and in his highly recognizable basal-nasal voice as "Dr. Mark Sloan" your guests will enjoy their hob-nobbing with and helping him find and accuse the "Murderer!"

Want to have "Dr. Sloan" revive your murder mystery party plans? He's always "on-call!" Chuckle, snort, chuckle!

Mai, Oui!!! "Inspector Clouseau" shall solv-a-zee criiime!!!!

If-a you don't-a want-a lotta dead bodies a-laying around-a  zee roooom,

howza-bout a "Pink Panther Diamond Heist" instead, hmmmm???

Seeze theeese French flavored fun at-a


Have the World's Greatest Slueths in charge of your

Music, Martinis & Murder Mystery Fun!!!

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