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Vegas Tributes Video-Grams TM is a video-taped personal and customized "greeting" or "shout out" about your news and celebrations! Perfect for your private and group activities, corporate meetings and announcements about your exciting news!

Yes, you can have a "Star" of your choice greet your audiences through the convenience of your laptop, smartphone  or big screen A/V presentations, or even as personal as an email or text!  We've been creating these unique "Video-Grams TM" (formerly "TBCSTARS-Grams") messages for over a decade, and clients have loved them!

Below, "John Lennon" spurs on the ODU Monarchs Basketball team to victory with "ODU Revolution" at a home game!!!


Simply tell us your message, the "Star" you want, and we'll make the 1 to 3 minute personal greeting video for your use! These "Stars" are top talent impersonations from celebrities of TV and Film, Rock - Country - Popular Music, History, Politics, Literature and Sports! Take a look at all of the variety of over 100+ different Stars you could have by clicking this link, !!!

As well as for large-scale Corporate, Retail and Trade Show events, Vegas Tributes has also performed for hundreds of Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Retirement Parties and Celebrations of all types!!!

Here's a few typical ideas; Someone going to Las Vegas? Wish them "good luck" with a Vegas Tributes Video Gram featuring your choice of our classic Las Vegas guys "Rod Stewart, Neil Diamond, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Elvis, Tony Bennett, Tom Jones or Billy Joel" performing a special song and good luck! Plus, just like a birthday or Valentine's Day card, it's a gift they can share and keep enjoying anytime!


Here's a few samples!!! Valentines Day, Congratulations, Birthdays, Engagements!


 "Rod Stewart" "Tonight's The Night" Valentines Day

Rod Stewart Impersonator

"Star Spangled Elvis" All Shook Up, Valentines Day

"Columbo" Valentines Day

Tim Beasley as Columbo

"The Godfather" Valentines Day

The Godfather Impersonator

Someone retiring? Have "General Patton" give them an "Atta Boy!!! or Girl!!!"

"President Reagan" congratulates a career Naval officer

Ronald Reagan Impersonator Daytona Beach, FL

Birthday? Here's "King Richard Petty" for any NASCAR fans out there!

Richard Petty Impersonator Daytona Beach, FL

Birthday? Here's "Professor Snape" of "Harry Potter" fame for those fans!

Professor Snape Impersonator

An Engagement??? Well, congrats!!! Here Martial Artist Movie Star "Steven Seagal" gives his blessing to the happy couple!


 There's lots of fun Corporate uses and possibilities, too!!!

Product Rollouts - Newsletters - Announcements - Awards

Basic generic and personal Vegas Tributes Video Grams are $200 for a one-minute "SALUTE" or $300 for a nice 3-minutes message production...make sure you look at the "Stars List!"

Corporate videos are corporate priced, of course, depending on length, script complexity and extra detailing,  so please call to discuss, 757-589-0903  thanks!

Pay is made in advance of making each video and payable through PayPal. Call, text or email for more info, and let's make some Vegas Tributes Video Gram TM fun!

Call - Text 757-589-0903


"Las Vegas-style Entertainment Coast to Coast"

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