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"Las Vegas-style Entertainment Coast to Coast!"

This is a one-page overview of available celebrity impersonations from rock and roll-popular-country music, TV and movies, comedy, history and sports.   

Most  of these stars, listed below in "red", have individual full web-page info on this web site, complete with photos, client lists, show details and more.

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Abe Lincoln
Andy Williams
Austin Powers
Bill Clinton
Bill Elliott  ("Awesome Bill From Dawsonville"- one of NASCAR's most popular champion racers)
Bing Crosby
Bobby Darin
Buddy Holly
Charlie Chaplin
Chuck Berry
Cliff Clavin  ( Lovable lug know-it-all central character of the classic TV comedy, "Cheers")
Clint Eastwood
Columbo  ( Rumpled yet brilliant TV detective portrayed famously by the late great Peter Falk )
Colonel Potter  ( Commanding Officer character of  classic TV comedy "M.A.S.H." )
Conan O'Brien
Christopher Columbus
Dale Earnhardt Sr. ( Former NASCAR champ and racing legend, killed in race wreck)

Dean Martin
Doc Adams  ( Great western character from the classic TV western "Gunsmoke")
Doc Brown  ( Lovable goofy scientist from  popular 'Back To The Future" movies )
Doctor Who
Donald Trump
Edgar Allan Poe
Elvis Presley
Frank Sinatra
Freddie Kruger
Gene Autry   ( America's  singing cowboy superstar for movies, records, radio of the 30's -40's -50's)
General Patton
George Washington
Gomez Adams  ( Comic patriarch of classic comedy TV show 'The Addams Family"  famously portrayed bty John Astin)
Groucho Marx
Humphrey Bogart   ( "Casablanca Rick,"  "Maltese Falcon Sam Spade" )
Inspector Clouseau  ( Comic bumbling French detective from popular 'Pink Panther" movie portrayed by late great Peter Sellers )
James Bond  ( Younger  "Gold Finger - Golden Eye type "007"  as portrayed by Sean Connery - Pierce Brosnan )
Jed Clampett  ( Comic country gent and patriarch of classic comedy TV  show "The Beverly Hillbillies" acted by late  great Buddy Ebsen
Jerry Lee Lewis
Jim Morrison
John Lennon
Johnny Carson
Kenny Rogers
King Arthur
Mark Twain
Maxwell Smart  ( Comic secret agent character of classic comedy TV  show "Get Smart")
Michael Caine
Mike Love  ( Member of America's most popular surf culture band, "The Beach Boys")
Mr. Bean   ( Very funny Englisman portrayed by British actor Rowan Atkinson )
Mr. Haney  ( Funny con man character on classic comedy TV Show 'Green Acres" portrayed by late great Pat Butram)
Mr. Spock
Ozzie Osbourne
Paul Anka
Peter Sellers - see Inspector Clouseau
Professor Marvel  - The Wizard of Oz ( central character sportrayed iby Frank Morgan in classic movie "The Wizard of Oz")
Professor Snape   ( Central character in hugely popular "Harry Potter" movie series portrayed by Alan Rickman )
Regis Philbin

Richard Branson  (Billionaire airlines and record magnate )
Richard Petty  ( NASCAR's most recognized champion and icon )
Rod Serling
Rod Stewart
Ronald  Reagan
Roy Orbison
Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane  ( Character on classic country comedy TV  show "The Dukes of Hazzard" )
Teddy Roosevelt  ( as his outdoorsman persona in hunting khakis, rifle )
Ted Koppell
Tom Jones
Tony Bennett
Waylon Jennings
Wayne Newton  ( They call him "Mr. Las Vegas!")
Willie Nelson