BSA Ernest Thompson Seton Impersonator

Ernest Thompson Seton is credited as being of the founders of today's Boy Scouts of America. In his hometown of the time of Cos Cob, CT, back in the very early 1900's, he created a club for a group of youngsters he called "the Woodcraft Indians."  His purpose was to educate them with his practices and tenets on the ways of the native America Indians as not only a form of recreation, but also as values lessons on the right way to live and grow to become responsible adults. Tim Beasley is a 25 year professional  actor specializing in the unique role of recreating Ernest Thompson Seton in physical likeness, personality and presense. His appearances are educational, entertaining and enlightening for bringing Seton's insights about the ways of the wildnerness to life again. Seton, as a BSA founder, is a top  icon of  BSA principles and way of life.

 Tim Beasley as "Ernest Thompson Seton" with Jack Furst of BSA, and two young American scouts

Tim Beasley with the Silver Wolf Dancers, who entertained for the 100th Anniversary in Greenwich, CT


Tim Beasley and two of the BSA staff at the 100th anniversary in Greenwich, CT 



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