Charlie Chaplin - Silent Silver Screen Superstar

Charlie Chaplin is of course one of the earliest “superstars” in being a box office sensation and world-recognized movie icon back in the silver screen days of silent films.

With his signature derby, cane and “little tramp” attire and attitude, he stands as a giant in terms of recognition power, and everyone instantly knows “Charlie Chaplin."

(This event was a very posh fund raiser for the world reknown museum of fine art, The Muscarelle at William & Mary University, Williamsburg,, VA)

Very much a celebrity icon, Charlie Chaplin will continue to be a popular character entertaining for any special event looking for that classic Hollywood and Roaring Twenties  feel.


Tim Beasley is often asked to perform his sterling impersonation of Charlie Chaplin as “The Little Tramp” for fundraisers, public events, retail promotions and any special social gathering wanting the fun of a “Hollywood” or “Roaring Twenties” costumed event.

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As a 25 year veteran of live performances nationally and internationally, too,  Tim always brings an immense amount of experience and craft to his “Celebrity Stars” appearances!

Charlie Chaplin




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