Cheers Cliff Clavin Impersonator

"Hey, about a fill-up over here, eh? It's a little known fact that the ancient Sumerians were the first to call get-togethers over a brewski 'happy hour.' That's right...say, Norm, would ya pass those beer nuts this way? Blah, blah, burp! blah, blah!"


Having a beer festival, brew-ha-ha, or classic 80's TV themed event? Well, you've got to have "Cliff Clavin," the lovable "know-it-all" postman that had his own spot  at the bar in Sam Malone's beloved "Cheers" in good ole Beantown. And yes, yes, yes, our "Cliffy" is a walking, talking, beer swillin' Google-gabber on two-legs and an elbow on the bar. Book "Cliff" to bring some laughs, little known facts and "cheers" to your party!


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