Dale Earnhardt Sr.




Tim Beasley has the very uncanny ability to transform into several of NASCAR's greatest legends, with probably his most startling as 'Dale Earnhardt, Sr."

Dale Ernhardt Sr., the legendary NASCAR champion, was the man the fans loved to call "The Intimidator #3" and will forever be a bigger than life stockcar racing superstar. Due to his enormous history of racing wins, successes and fan popularity, it would be doubly ironic that the sport he excelled at eventually was his "final finish-line."

Tim Beasley is proud to achieve a living resemblence to this great stockcar racing champion, a highly recognized figure in his "Mr. Goodwrench" racing jacket, bug-eyed goggle sunglasses and bristly mustache...and Tim is tall and lanky as him as well, with a knowledge of the sport and the background life of #3.