Doc Adams -TV western character on "Gunsmoke"

Classic TV of the 50's and 60's had many "westerns" in the list, and one of the most popular and longest running season after season for millions of devoted fans was "Gunsmoke." The show was primarly a drama, and the crotchety charater "Doc Adams" portrayed by the late great Milburn Stone, was always a strong and sensible "healer" for everything from fevers to snakebites, horsekicks, stab wounds, arrows and bullet wounds, and yet he could also steal a scene with hilarious quips and sarcasms for comedic relief. "Doc Adams" was an iconic central character, playing in an outstanding ensemble with "Sheriff Matt Dillion," Longbranch Saloon owner "Miss Kitty," and in later seasons the fidgety and fussy rough around the edges deputy 'Festus Hagan" and in early years the lovable gangly, gaunt and good hearted Chester Gould.