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Doc Brown Impersonator

Doc Brown Impersonator "Back To The Future!"


Tim Beasley portrays "Doc Brown," the lovable time-traveling inventor genius and central character from the 3 wildly popular "Back To The Future" movies, in an full "4th-Dimensional "impersonation of the role made famous by actor Christopher Lloyd.

As one of the most successful film series of all time, the movies and characters have many millions of fans worldwide. With such a fan base there are plenty of special occasions where a "Back To The Future" theme event will be a definite winner with any group or audience.

Young Fan


Recreating the role of "Doc Brown" professionally is a fun "blast from the past" where Tim as "Doc" can meet & greet attendees, with paparazzi-photo posing fun, emcee the "future" with audience participation and interactions, conduct the door prizes and award ceremonies with just enough time-traveling zip and zaniness to keep the event "right on time!"


Here's a video of two different presentations..let's take a time travel! Simply click the big red link below!


Here's an idea...have a "Back To The Future" '55-'85 Sock Hop Dance Party!

And consider having "Doc Brown's Time Machine DeLorean" also there to draw the crowds and generate that "1.21 Gigawatts" of attention getting power!!!

Everybody wants a photo with "Doc Brown and the DeLorean Time Machine!!"

Time Fans

Three young fans in 50's style having "Time Machine photo fun with Doc Brown"

Doc Brown's Time Machine

"Doc Brown" is also perfect for corporate events focusing on the "future" goals of a sales campaign, such as a "Our Future Depends on Teamwork" rally, or maybe an entertaining time-traveling tribute to a business' anniversary like "University Mall Celebrates 30 Years With Prices Back To The 80's!" or even as simple as a special person, fanclub or fan celebrating their birthday, graduation or other special "date in time" occasion!

Dock Brown For Nations Bank

Previous events include emcee for Nations Bank's "Back To The Future"

Doc Brown Impersonator Naval Supply Center Federal Credit Union

Naval Supply Center Federal Credit Union's Annual Stockholders Dinner

Remember the famous line quote.."We're the future!!!"


So, as "Doc Brown" would say, "Great Scott!"...

Book Tim now as "time is ticking" toward your next special event!

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