Edgar Allan Poe Impersonator


Edgar Allan Poe Impersonator
One of professional variety tribute artist Tim Beasley's favorite "Dead Legends" to perform as is Edgar Allan Poe

As the original "master of the macabre’ ," Edgar Allan Poe holds a very honored place in Tim's mind. Being an accomplished multi-media and live stage actor coast to coast for over 25 years,  Tim is well known nationally for his knack of bringing back many deceased popular celebrities and historical figures from the “dead” in his portrayals.

Tim’s chilling portrayal of Edgar Allan Poe is not a séance, spirit possession or channeling phenomenon, but simply his uncanny ability to pull Poe’s deceased personality, literary mind and physical likeness out of Poe's Baltimore MD tomb and back into the light of the living!

This heralded  performance is a magical people-magnet and a strong attraction for any sophisticated audience as Tim will mystically conjure up Edgar Allan Poe himself, in the audiences‘ imaginations, by breathing life back into  Poe’s fabulous tales of terror and other literary masterpieces. As any fan of Poe’s will tell you, it’s the haunting memory of his tales and poetry that eternally lock the reader - listener to the chains of his tormented soul. Tim Beasley will bring you and your guests an evening’s entire "Herd Of Nightmares" as he reads the classic Poe to you, as Poe would have himself.....chilling and thrilling with vivid vocalization!

Here's a link to a YouTube video of Tim Beasley as "Edgar Allan Poe" performing an abbreviated read of "The Raven"

Tim Beasley As Edgar Allan Poe

These include the haunting poetic masterpiece "The Raven" and the wonderfully horrific "The Black Cat," "The Tell-Tale Heart," "The Pit and The Pendulum," "The Premature Burial" and other gloriously ghoulish tales, plus the beautiful prose of his other poems like "Annabel Lee" and"Ulalume."

 Tim is proud that he was engaged to perform "The Raven" and be co-presenter of the 2008 Private Eye Writers of America Shamus Awards banquet, held at Edgar Allan Poe's final resting place, Westminster Hall and Burying Ground, in older Baltimore, MD. This historical landmark and gothic-style church is one of the most important of all Poe related locations, visited by many thousands of fans from around the world.


Poe Gravesite

Tim Beasley as "Poe"  has a quiet moment of reflection at Edgar Allan Poe's gravesite in the Westminster Burying Ground, Baltimore, MD.

                                                                                                                       Another great sold-out event!!!

Looking for a simply splendid and deliciously dark centerpiece for a party? Tim's  "celebrity" performance and appearance as "Edgar Allan Poe"
is wonderful entertainment for any sophisticated event...

 Tim Beasley as "Poe" with guests at the sold-out "An Enchanted Evening With Edgar Allan Poe" event (3 photos)

He is available as Edgar Allan Poe nationally for resorts, conventions, college tours,  and other famous “haunts!”


Below, here's another very recent ( Nov 7, 2014 ) sold-out performance for the historic Congressional Cemetery on East Capital Hill, Washington, DC, for its  special events calendar.  In his typical "Poe Performance" fashion, Tim recites and acts out his renditions of 3 Poe classics, in this case Edgar Allan Poe's most famous and popular poems "The Raven," followed by "Annabel Lee," a then a short intermission for refreshments. This leads to the grand finale of his gothic horror story of murder, 'The Tell Tale Heart." (not for the 'weak of heart,' mind you!) After the audience recovers from the scary and shocking conclusion of "T-T-H," everyone wants to chat with and get photos with 'Poe!"

Booking now, and also consider booking his other favorite “dead legends” appearances, such as having his very unique "Dead Poets" dual performance as both "Edgar Allan Poe" and legendary rock music poet "Jim Morrison," in musical concert.

( On this same web site, "Jim Morrison" quick linK:  http://www.vegastributes.com/Jim-Morrison-Impersonator.html )

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