Fortune Teller Psychic

Fortune Teller Psychic for Futuristic fun!

Here's a winner of an activity for ladies of all ages! For big parties that feature several rooms of activities, such as galas, fund raisers, bachelorette parties, after-prom parties, etc,  when you have a "fortune teller psychic" set up, they all want to know their future and fortune!  Vegas Tributes has several very unique  "Superstar Seers, " namely, "The Wizard of Oz's Professor Marvel,"  "Harry Potter's Professor Snape," "Johnny Carson's Carnac The Magnificent" and "The Groovy Guru!" (Yes, there are 2 "Groovy Gurus" to choose from!)

Here's a look at all 5, so scroll down to find your future!!!


Here's "Professor Marvel!"






Next,"Professor Snape!"


...and now, "Heeeeeeere's Carnac, the Magnificent!"


....and now, "The Groovy Guru!!!" (both of them!)



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