Jed Clampett Impersonator

"Weeeeell - Doggies!  It's Jed Clampett!"


Jed Clampett Impersonator


Tim's look alike impersonation of Jed Clampett is one impersonation that is truly unique for any special event or theme where the country meets cash! Jed is instantly recognized by anyone alive, as he was the central figure in one of the most popular sitcoms in TV history, The Beverly Hillbillies. This show is still viewed by millions everyday on syndication cable stations and network affiliates around the world.

 Yes folks, The Beverly Hillbillies patriarch  Jed Clampett represents American home-spun pride, honesty and common sense in a world of clutter and confusion.  He’s a fast thinker and a wise fellow, too!  His millions never changed his values.


Tim's  "Jed Clampett" has appeared in TV commercials, retail promotions, corporate and civic functions.




Events Include

Sysco Foods, Inc "Show me the money" promo
Hawthorne Imports VW Subaru Hyundai TV spots
NEI Cinemas Beverly Hillbillies movie premiere
United Way US NAVY fundraiser at Harrison Opera House
Marriott Hotel Waterside, Norfolk, MC New Years Eve
Beach Events oceanfront concert series
Oldies 95.7 FM radio comedy features
Landmark Communications "Homequest" Realty Program
Tidewater Builders Association
Grand Marshal Kilmarnock VA Country Christmas Parade
Biggs Buick Cadillac GMC Super Sales
 Haley GMC
And more!



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