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Joseph Stalin Impersonator Actor

Joseph Stalin Impersonator Actor



Tim Beasley is an accomplished career actor and entertainer, and has performed as many notable figures of history. His roles include WWII US Army "General George Patton" and American Presidents "George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump."

His other historic roles include "Mark Twain-Samuel Clemmons, Edgar Allan Poe and Orville Wright."

A few years ago, he appeared as "General George Patton" for the prestigious "Museum of American Armor" a fine museum dedicated to the heavy machinery of World War II, located in Old Bethpage, NY. "General Patton" was such a success that the museum recruited Tim to recreate the role of the ruthless Russian dictator of WWII, Joseph Stalin, for the historic 75th Anniversary of "V.E. Day" (Victory in Europe) of May 8, 1945 on Friday,  May 8, 2020.

Marking that period of history, the museum will re-enact the "Potsdam Conference" held near defeated Germany's Berlin that was attended by the "Big Three" leaders of the Allies, namely US President Harry Truman, Britain's Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and Russian Dictator Joseph Stalin.

As a brutal leader, however, Stalin and his Russian forces must be recognized as a formidable factor in the defeat of the Nazi Germans. This is the sole reason Stalin will be portrayed in this event.

Being a full career actor since 1986 when he formed his company "Vegas Tributes,"  Tim Beasley has enjoyed performing in a wide galaxy of "Stars," and looks forward to any new roles that he is recruited for! See (and hear!) his wide variety of his celebrity impersonations and tributes at his home pages  and also his classic Las Vegas musical tributes at web site

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