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Vegas Tributes "Living" Wax Museum! TM 

Here's an absolutely cool and very unique entertainment offering that will have your delighted guests raving about the fun!

It's Vegas Tributes "Living" Wax Museum!...Have you ever gone  to one of those world-famous "wax museums" you'll find in the major tourists areas like Las Vegas, Orlando, Hollywood, New York, New Orleans, Branson, Atlantic City and such? Or - have you been to a party where the hosts have hired these funny "stone" or grey -silver -bronze painted actors who stand still in poses and what is commonly called "living statues?" Yes, guests usually quickly conclude these painted folks are just actors and have seen these before ( as I've also seen street performers doing )...a bit of fun, yes, for a few minutes, but that's about as far as their fun usually lasts.

But....what if they thought you had the actual and very expensive life-like wax mannequins of famous celebrities from a world famous Wax Museum there on a very special exhibit...pretty impressive, huh??? Well, you've got your choice of any star from our grand list of 'Stars" you can access from the top of the home page "Stars List"  for your party or special promotional event!

Below illustrates one fun example where our  "Abe Linclon" living wax museum mannequin was the Grand Finale float for the world famous National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade  in Washington, DC!!!!

Also, famous folks from Rock n' Roll, Popular Music, Movies & TV, Politics & History, Literature & Sports!

Depending on your party or event theme, we've got the perfect "Celebrity" to be your living wax museum mannequin!

Consider our TV & Movie Stars, Rock, Pop and Country Music Stars, Politicians, Literary figures, historical characters, sports figures, too, for just about any theme - 20th Century, including Roaring 20's, Gangster 30's, War Time 40's, Rock n Roll 50'S 60'S 70'S, British, Western, Detective, Presidents, Fictional characters, etc. etc.,

 Here below is a simple mock-up of a suggested possibility. Each of our "Living Wax Museum Mannequins" will come complete with a "velvet rope" display, and a sign explaining they are on "special exhibit." it's pictured, either "Clint Eastwood, Donald Trump or General Patton" could be your special "Vegas Tributes Wax Museum" exhibit...



The fun of course is when your guests may finally realize the truth of the illusion, they will join in the laughs by saying "how life-like" your Vegas Tributes Wax Museum mannequins are! Utilizing his  "mannequin mode" talents, variety tribute performer Tim Beasley will be posed eerily still and silent. Usually when lady guests come to quietly figure out that your mannequin is a real man, they will enjoy trying to elicit a chuckle or smile from him, much as tourists  attempt to do with the famously stoic Buckingham Palace Guards.. It's the same effect and interaction,  only ours can be touched, and "repostured" for hilarious photos with guests!

In May of 2010, the notorious heavy metal singer Ozzie Osbourne pulled off a very successful publicity stunt at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in New York City, to help publicize his new album by using this living wax museum mannequin technique.  Appearing as his own "wax mannequin" likeness,  he would stand perfectly still until any fan came too close, then he would  suddenly lurch and  scare the devil out of them! A great promotion for him as well as Madam Tussauds! 



Everyone will want a photo, for sure!


Here's a very interesting newspaper story from quite a few years ago and a bit of background on Tim Beasley in a similar and unusual promotional appearance role for a big trade show as a stealthy "Melon Head!"


On a final note, in a fun nostalgic way, do you remember seeing The Andy Griffith Show episode called "The Shoplifter" where Don Knotts as "Deputy Barney Fife" goes undercover disquised as a store mannequin to catch an old lady shoplifter? Hilarious!!!


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