Lounge Lizard Vinnie Tornado


Vinnie Tornado TM - Legendary Lounge Lizard Singer!

He's soooooooooo bad.......

He's good!!!

Great for "put-on" appearances, comedy roasts, and yes, when required

can really belt out some cool tunes!...BTW, he taught "The Wedding Singer"

everything he knows!!!

Remember Bill Murray's "lounge lizard" on SNL???

Well, "Vinnie Tornado" has been keepin' the good times, rollin' baby!

Headliner, Opening Act

Birthdays - Anniversaries - Weddings -Retirements-Divorces

Bachelorette Parties-April Fools-Mardi Gras

Perfect for Music, Mirth and Martinis!


"Vinnie" sings just about everybody's biggest hits!!!

Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Tom Jones, Neil Diamond,

Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, Englebert Humperdinck, 

Rod Stewart, Bobby Darin, Andy Williams, Ray Charles, Wayne Newton,

Willie Nelson, Kenny Rogers, Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly,

Roy Orbison, Jim Morrison, Robert Goulet, Jerry Lee Lewis,

Bobby Vee, Ricky Nelson, John Lennon, Paul Anka,

Billy Joel, Ric Ocasek, Hank Williams,  James Brown, Dion

Barry Manilow, Frankie Valli, Chuck Berry, Julio Iglesias

Michael Buble', Michael Bolton, Michael Jackson

The Eagles, Foreigner, Jimmy Buffett, Robert Goulet, Joe Cocker

"Happy 21st Birthday, Megan!!!"

Bookings Nationally!


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