Mad Men Don Draper impersonator

Mad Men Don Draper impersonator

Party Like It's 1959, with a "Mad Men Martini Mixer!"


Here's a whole new dimension in a party theme - go retro and party like it's 1959! Yes, just like the fabulously popular TV show "Mad Men" illustrated, the mid-century modern jive and swank of New York City's Madison Avenue Advertising world was a time of glamour, great expectations and lots of hope for the future, so let's take a time warp back to laid-back cool....lookin' good, feelin' good at the begining of the space age!!! Your event will be emceed by our very own "Mad Men Don Draper" and the guests will dig the Hi-Fi sounds and the fashions!

Invite your guests to dress to impress ala "Mad Men" sharkskin and "Ladies of Liesure" chic - even have a best-dressed vintage 50's-60's contest, some atomic pop culture trivia fun as well...and don't forget, that when The Martini Men are each having " meet & greet," the best in ultra-lounge bossa nova beat will be movin' their feet!





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