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"Legend of the Moonlight Mustang"

"Legend of the Moonlight Mustang"

Based on a true story of "Young Love, Fast Cars and...Tragedy!!!"



 Copyright 2014 Tim Beasley  

all rights reserved


This story is a fictionalized tale that is based on the true story newspaper headlines of a very real tragedy local to Roanoke, VA. This story is only framed with the “actualities” of a popular young man dying at the wheel of his high-performance car, along with two teen-aged girl passengers, in the early AM hours of Sunday, September 12, 1971. Names are replaced, as much of the action and characters have fictionalized actions and circumstances needed to fill a fiction story line. Therefore, the only facts are those headline details of the crash itself.

My purpose is writing a compelling and entertaining “flashback” to a time when many millions of “baby boomers” will and can relate to the activities and life of the central character, "Toby Owens."

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“Legend of the Moonlight Mustang”

Chapter 1 - “The Sad Tree”

It’s a cool late September Saturday morning in a quiet Roanoke County, VA neighborhood. 12 year-old Robin Bennett walks down the shoulder of Hershberger Road beside his bike, facing any oncoming traffic, while carefully looking down between the times the few cars will pass. He’s searching the ditches for soda bottles thrown from the windows of cars, a common and careless littering, but the bottles are tough, and the ones that survive are worth 5 cents each when cashed in for deposit value. It’s 1971, and that’s not bad money then for free, as the resourceful young man gathers up a small basketful to redeem at the Carter’s market, just up the road at the intersection with Cove Road. Pausing for a moment to retrieve another “5 cents” he’s suddenly distracted. Stopped, he looks up and his attention is drawn down into a roadside grassy field to a large old cherry tree that has toppled over with its roots all pulled up out of the earth. He has seen this tree before, upright, but now it has been on its side for a couple

KEY WORDS, hot rod, muscle car, cruising, teenager, young love, fast cars, tragedy, GTO, Mustang, Camaro, Hemi, big block, racing, 1970, The Doors, CCR, drag race, crash, sex, drugs, rock n' roll