Richard Branson - British Billionaire

Why is it that billionaires are definitely recognizable? Well, most, like Sir Richard Branson have that compelling quirk in their appearance...Trump has his "do" and so does Richard Branson, but Richard's is  a two-tone deal...blonde shock of hair with a red brown Van Dyke beard and 'tash....

Yes, very recognizable, and "he'd" make a great guest for your red carpet event....polo, anyone?

Consider the fun "Sir Richard" can generate at your party ....As a flambouyant partyman, with unlimited resources, he's an outlandish eccentric with an enormous wallet, so just imagine the excesses he could suggest at your soiree''s a quick one...he's looking for guests to join him on his first maiden voyage of "Virgin Galactic!" He'll come equipped with some astronaunt-type gear and have you doing shots out of a "weightless wet bar," and other tom foolery!

By the way, did you see the recent news where Sir Dicky is considering featuring a "Mile-High Club" specialty flight where you're expected to get your "baggage" checked?  Kinda like a "Hugh Heffner Meets Howard Hughes" kinda plot for a grand old style Hollywood Technicolor flick with a new meaning to the title "Boeing - Boeing!"


Booking now for your "Billionaire Bash!"


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