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Worlds Most Interesting Man


"World's Most Interesting Man" Impersonator!


Si!!!!, Vegas Tributes has its very own "World's Most Interesting Man" look alike impersonator for your booze schmooze "South of the Border & Cinco De Mayo Parties!"

 The "El Brewski" beer company retired old "graybeard" by blasting him off to colonize Mars (LOL) and they now have the new younger version...and we also have him in a very unique lookalike tribute impersonation at Vegas Tributes to be your special guest at your "South of the Border" fiestas and other such booze, as the mucho, macho, muchacho, he can sing with the best of the Las Vegas Legends, too!!! Frank Sinatra? Yes! Dean Martin? Yes! Tony Bennett? Yes! Bobby Darin? Yes! Rock n' Roll??? Si!!!, Si!!!, Si!!!!!!


He's the swizzle stick in the drink, the lime in the lager...a party man like no other, bookings to bring your party a super Cinco De Mayo flavor!!!!



Bookings Internationally!

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Licensed and Insured since 1986

Celebrating 31 Years of Entertaining!

"Las Vegas-style Entertainment Coast to Coast"


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