Mick Jagger -The Rolling Stones Frontman

Our "Mick Jagger" has the strut and swagger that everyone loves and expects, belting out those grinding tunes of yesterday's British Invasion and the Rolling Stones incredible 50 years of knock 'em dead rock n roll!


Yes, our Mick will give you "Sympathy For The Devil,"Beast of Burden, "Get Off Of My Cloud," "Paint It Black," and of course "Satisfaction!"

Oh, yeah, baby, also "Start Me Up!" and tons more of their bloody best hits for sure!


"I Know It's Only Rock n Roll" but our Mick will have your "Honkey Tonk Women" screamin' for more!

Also, "Mick" can be joined by these British Blokes!

"John Lennon"


"Austin Powers"


"Tom Jones"


"Rod Stewart"


"Mr. Bean"


"Richard Branson"


"James Bond"


'Doctor Who"



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