Dead Legends Rock Show for grand ghouly fun!

Dead Legends TM Rock n' Roll Tribute Show!

Imagine, if you will, a killer of a Halloween party show. A sorcerer’s spell and a witch’s curse bring back the devil’s music of Rock n’ Roll in a spooktacular night of flashback fun where VH1 Meets the Twilight Zone!

The "Dead Legends" conjures up the zombied images of Elvis, John Lennon, Jim Morrison of The Doors, Buddy Holly & Roy Orbison, to perform their most bone-shaking rockers and haunting ballads. . .The demonic pounding beat and eerie light show will add an outer limits feel to this Graveyard Groove!

Tim Beasley as "Rod Serling" is the Emcee!

or, even "Edgar Allan Poe!"


See each of "The Dead Legends" on their own web pages here at Vegas Tributes! Simply go to list, click on your favs!

"John Lennon"

A specter of John Lennon will become a ghoulish walrus right before your eyes for "I Am The Walrus!" Coo-coo-ca-choo!!

"Jim Morrison'

...and now "Jim Morrison" joins the graveyard shift, with all those  splendid dark and sexy rockers of The Doors. YES, "Mr. Mojo Risin' " will be risin' back into the moonlight as a member of the Dead Legends! Jim Morrison will make your skin crawl as the "Lizard King!"

"Buddy Holly"

A haunting vision of Buddy Holly will rise from the smoking wreckage of a doomed flight making his  Stratocaster scream for "That’ll Be the Day!"

"Elvis Presley"

Jim Morrison Impersonator
An Elvis zombie will pull out his beating heart for Don’t’ Be Cruel to a Heart that’s True, and , and an ominous black –clad Roy Orbison phantom will give you his eyes right out of his head for You Got It! This Tombstone Rock Show has lots and plots more as each Dead Legend give you the cemetery shivers with more of their other great tunes!

"Roy Orbison"

"Rod Serling"

"Edgar Allan Poe"


Jim Morrison Impersonator

It’s caskets loads of fun as each "Dead Legend" gets the hottest ladies to join him on stage to be "ghostly go-go gals!"

 These mummified mojo masters will also conduct door prize drawings, costume contests and more!

Roy Orbison Dead Legends

 Here’s another fun element…your media will recruit a "Janis Joplin," "Patsy Cline" and Amy Winehouse" for giving local ladies a chance to strut their stuff on stage. With karaoke-style backing tracks they can become "Dead Legends Dames" between "Jim- Elvis-Buddy-John-Roy" sets. This is the Halloween show everyone will be jaw-boning about!!!

Janis Joplin Contest Dead Legends

Show is typically 2+ hours, with 5 – 16 minute sets, with a 7 minute break between each set for costume changes. These breaks are where "Janis, Patsy and Amy" can perform, or pre-recorded Halloween favorites (Ghost Busters Monster Mash, Frankenstein etc.) and dance favorites will play through until next set. each set can be expanded as needed.

Prior to the show, pre-recorded promotionals will play, including medleys of classic Black Magic themed rock songs. After performance, Dead Legend John Lennon or Edgar Allan Poe will host the costume contest!


Phone - text   757-589-0903